Early 2011, Buono Qatar was created.  Setting out to develop an extraordinary brand through the power of family, friendship, culture and passion.

From the beginning, Buono has blossomed and prospered in the art of gifting, resulting in our position as a market leader for chocolate and flowers in Qatar.  A unique blend of traditional Qatari culture and hospitality, combined with classic Italian design and flair, presents a never ending, breathtaking fusion, of timeless beauty.

Buono offers natural, high-quality ingredients, exceptional flavors, and uncompromising standards. Fused with spectacular creativity and innovation, complete freedom is awarded to customers during the customization process.  We are passionate about trying to exceed the expectations of our customers each day, so that they can enjoy our products and the happiness they create for their family and friends to the fullest.


Welcome to the home of Buono Qatar!

Buono was created in 2011 to deliver a new and customized experience in the world of chocolates and flowers, for the people of Qatar.  Always looking to take advantage of our unique blend of traditional Qatari influences and Italian design and flair, we are passionate about striving to exceed our customers expectations each day.

We like to think of ourselves as one big family at Buono Qatar, and we hope you feel this passion in everything we do.  We truly care about all the comments and feedback from our loyal customers, so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions to help us improve our great company.

Vito Cerabona

General Manager / Co-Founder

Happy Clients
Designer and Specialist
Buono Boutiques
Years Of Exprience

Our Core Values:

Deliver the WOW factor through service

We continuously strive to offer our customers the most attentive and personalized service possible. Our brand is built on a customized and bespoke approach to design creation, always placing our customers first.

Communication and Reliability

Buono has created a reputation since 2011 as being a trusted choice. This has been built on exceptional levels of communication and reliability that we pride ourselves on.


Our brand was inspired by a deep passion with the Arabian culture of giving and gifting.  This passion has grown each year and is behind everything we do.

Creativity and Innovation

Buono has become a market leader in pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.  Our fully integrated design cycle combined with our passion to incorporate technological methods, places us on the cutting edge of developments. elopements.