Here We Go ! Here We Go ! Celebrate the exceptional atmosphere of the World Cup with Buono.
We bring you a range of elegant designs and wonderful creations, to help you live the atmosphere of this exceptional event, Qatar 2022 !

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500  QAR

Heritage Sweets Box

230  QAR


495  QAR


440  QAR

Acagon Blue

750  QAR

Acagon Purple

750  QAR

Grainino Box Blue

325  QAR

Grainino Box White

325  QAR

Grainino Box Black

325  QAR

Eclipse Pink

250  QAR

Eclipse Blue

250  QAR

Nuovo Fresca

600  QAR


650  QAR

Royal Blue Chocolate Box

400  QAR

Royal Black Chocolate Box

400  QAR